01 Jun

Pre-emptive self-abasement

We – I mean the West – is going to die of political correctness and self-hatred. We are compassed about by identifiable enemies in the barbaric ideological cult of Islam which masquerades as “a great world religion” and “a religion of peace and love.” They have declared so many times that they want to kill us.  The propaganda has it that the great majority of Muslims are peace-loving agreeable souls content to live in love and charity with their non-Muslim neighbours.

This is the great lie of our time.

On three continents Christians are being persecuted , dispossessed, tortured and murdered. Individual tear-jerking examples – of which our mass media is especially enamoured are beside the point. The slaughter of Christians and other non-Muslims by this barbarism is worldwide and increasing by the minute. Our governments are craven. Our Archbishops full of nothing but pre-emptive self-abasement. Welby says that all the Pakis he has met are outraged by the stoning to death of that woman outside the Lahore courtroom, with the lawyers, judges, officials and police looking on. Welby means to suggest by this that Muslims in that country, and by extension, worldwide detest such barbaric acts.

But they don’t. If they did, these acts would cease. Whereas, here is the truth: the Pakistani government admits that 969 women were stoned to death (or otherwise murdered) in “honour killings” last year alone. Informed opinion says that, if that is the number they admit to, the true number must be much higher. No one is ever prosecuted for these savage and murderous deeds. This could not happen in a country, Dr Welby, where the great majority of the people disapprove.

It’s no use getting angry with the Muslims: persecution, ritual slaughter and lying are what they do. But I do get angry with our so-called statesmen who pretend things are otherwise and our jelly-legged bishops and archbishops who make wanton excuses

We have a global enemy rampant, cruel, dissembling and remorseless.

Whatever happened to the Church Militant, Archbishop?

Arch – what?