30 Apr

Pre-emptive self-abasement

I don’t complain about Muslim attempts to Islamify schools in Birmingham. They are acting in their own perceived interests. Their desire is a Muslim Britain as part of a global Caliphate. Fair enough. I know what they want because they have stated it on numerous occasions. Should I be surprised, therefore, to discover that they are working to achieve their aims? Of course not. I expect to have ideological opponents in this world; and I expect these opponents to oppose my wishes. I expect them to use deception, trickery, smoke and mirrors, spin and all manner of means in their cause. Muslim tradition allows them to  behave quite differently towards non-Muslims from the code they employ in dealing with their co-religionists. No use complaining about this. It is a fact of life and I should just get used to it. And, when Muslims are criticised and reproached, they will play the race-card and make accusations of “Islamophobia.” Of course they will and they do. All the time.

What I do complain about is something else I have come to expect: the pathetic weakness of non-Muslim response to Islamic ideological imperialism. Our authorities handicap themselves by their creed of political-correctness. They cave in. They roll over. They accept the Muslims’ version of events. For the authorities and the “liberal zealots” in the press and the BBC,  the prospect of being dominated by an alien culture is preferable to the consequences of being regarded as “racist” or “Islamophobic.”

Incidentally, “Islamophobia” is a word to which I can attach no meaning at all. A phobia is an irrational fear. But there is nothing irrational about a natural apprehension in the face of the prospect of Sharia and all the other aspects of an alien cultural and ideological imperialism. I do not want my country to be dominated by that culture and that ideology.

But it will be – because we are betrayed by our own side in these culture wars. A century ago, T.E. Hulme explained how our defeat comes about:

“We have been beaten because our enemies’ theories have conquered us. We have played with those to our own undoing. Not until we are hardened again by conviction are we likely to do any good. In accepting the theories of the other side, we are merely repeating a well-known historical phenomenon. The Revolution in France came about not so much because the forces which should have resisted were half-hearted in their resistance. They themselves had been conquered intellectually by the theories of the revolutionary side. The privileged class is beaten only when it has lost faith in itself, when it has been penetrated by the ideas that are working against it.”